What is Ocean Engineering ?

Got Water?ocean engineering

Ocean engineering is a field of study that can be vaguely defined as an advanced part of the other marine technology studies like maritime engineering or offshore engineering or marine electronic technology. If defined in detail, it would be mentioned as a branch of technological studies that deals with the design and operations of man-made systems in the ocean and other marine bodies. However it should not be confused with oceanography as is a common problem. This is because oceanography is the study of the natural aspects of the oceans and their dynamics, but not the artificial influence.

The ocean engineers get to know the details about the ocean policies and the areas of concern for modern navigators as well as the technological requirements for further establishment of engineering wonders across the seas. There are various new products and technologically advanced equipments that are being developed under the guidance of the ocean engineering departments in various countries across the globe. Underwater navigation, communication as well as positioning have since long, have been active areas of research in this branch of technology. In addition to this, the development and creation of an unmanned underwater vehicle is on the priority list of the companies and firms all over who deal in this field of engineering.


As in any other field of study, ocean engineering is also grown over the years and has a very huge compilation of data and its representation. The introduction of the computers and other electronic gadgets made the task of research and analysis a lot easier and this was of utmost value and importance for a relatively younger branch of engineering. This field makes the best use possible of all the electro-magnetic equipments as well, this is quite evident in the strong structures and designs of all the offshore technical platforms and advanced sea vessels and even submarines.

ocean engineering 2

Many organizations that deal with this subject appoint engineers to study the environment of the ocean to understand its impact on the marine structures. Also the reverse effect needs to examine and this is again a forte of this branch of research. The department of ocean engineering also looks into the impact and effects that the activities of man are having on the natural environment of the oceans. This involves research on the sensors and the predictions on the acoustic as well as the non acoustic sensor with respect to the environment. Ocean Engineering also deals with the energy resources that are available in the ocean and means to tap them.

Over the years since its establishment as a separate branch of engineering, this field has seen rapid increase in the number of students who have enrolled in the courses, so much so that the governments in many countries had to establish a separate university that deals with the various details of this fascinating subject. And the interest has multiplied since then. Now ocean engineering is a much sort after branch and the professionals are in huge demand, something that augurs well for the industry and indeed the world.


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