10 Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding  Got Water ?


Paddle boarding

As we know stand up paddle boarding is a pretty great sport from racing to wave riding it allows young and old to experience the ocean in a variety of forms. Not only is paddle boarding good for our stoke but it had quite a few health and physical benefits as well Stand up paddle boarding has become super popular over the last 5-10 years with each year taking off with more and more people taking it up to help increase you water time on those flatter days as well as making surfing or paddling a social event  and competitive as a great way to stay in shape when the conditions not adequate for surfing. Through paddle boarding paddler are able to get a Great work out and huge enjoyment simultaneously. So checkout 10 Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding below.

(1) It’s A Great Workout

Stand Up Paddleboarding  can give you a great work out not just an upper body strength but through paddling and twisting you body is moving through function movement patterns allowing it to work a greater number of muscle at once.  Plus the fact that your legs are constantly balancing,  you can be  guaranteed that the whole body will be feeling it the next day

(2) Your Get Abs Of Steal

Yes that’s kind of right Paddle boarding will provide you with a great core workout  ensuring that almost every muscle in the body is used, specifically the twisting and turning of paddling will engage the core as well as balance  as through every stroke  you core, back and abdominal will be constantly working to maintain your balance..

(3) Low Impact

Stand Up  Paddleboarding is a great way to get exercise  with a low impact, because of the position of paddling and the movement required to pull you through the water it is unlikely that you will do damage to the tendons and ligaments of your joints or have any breakages or spinal issues. Because of the minimal movement required sport it is possible to use up a lot of calories without damaging your joints. were as in other more explosive sports like tennis or running there would be a higher risk of experiencing shin splints or possible knee and hip pain.


(4) Cross Training

If you stand up paddle board you will know that  it probably helps you with a lot of other aspects in your day to day life,  SUP is a great way to improve general fitness as well as cardiovascular endurance as well as upper body strength endurance. It simultaneous works your aerobic system as well as  training strength

(5) Keeps You Healthy

Yep Next time you trying to explain to your partner why you need to go paddleboarding say “its for my health” the amount of benifits are on told but to name a few stand up paddle boarding can improve your cardio fitness whilst lowering your chance of cardiovascular diseases, Heart attack, Stroke, Diabetes & joint problems Not only lowering your chance of illness the amount of calories burnt while paddle boarding can be really high helping meaning long-term stand up paddling can contribute to reduction in body fat and weight loss as well as improved muscle mass resulting in a much healthier body.

sunset paddle boarding

(6) Improves your mood

Obviously paddling is a great relaxer, as we live an ever more frantic and busy world, talking the time just to quiet the mind and enjoy the ocean has never been more important and can be a great  distresses. Reducing stress by getting back to nature and doing something you love can help relax the mind whilst also releasing serotonin and endorphins in the brain giving you the feeling of happiness. this feeling combined with the psychological benefit and social aspects can help hugely help decrease the feelings of depression and greatly improve your mood.

(7) Improve Your Balance

It’s a no brainer that from the first time you stand on a board to the years later it defiantly helps to improve balance otherwise you might still be swimming more that you want to.Balance is also a great attribute to have in almost every other sport as well as everyday life activity’s. if you train at a high level in sports such as football or basketball, rugby stand Up Paddleboarding can be great for improving your balance as well as strengthen ankle and joint  through stability training as well as limit possible injury’s and help strengthen weaker areas..

(8) A Surfing Alternative

And a dam good one, if you’re one with the ocean and can get enough of it they you probably do more than just surf a shortboard… you probably long board, kitesurf, windsurf, and sup. supping is especially good for those flatter days and for people just starting out who need a lot more stability and volume to their board, it’s a great alternative for people who have difficulty or fear of surfing. The great thinking about stand up is you can almost get anyone from any age trying it  from age 8-80 if you struggle going out on the water in surfing or other water sports supping allows you to get out there and catch the waves and enjoy the surf with your friends.

(9) Yoga

yoga paddle

Yoga and paddle boarding are a perfect combo as yoga can be very spiritual and using the paddleboard surroundings as a catalyst for a more enjoyable and relaxing experience is a great idea. Using the paddleboarding adds an extra dimension of balance to the activity. This can be a lot of fun as well as very challenging for someone who is already an experienced practitioner of yoga. In addition the ambiance that is associated with paddle boarding is far more pleasant and relaxing than being in a cramped gym or fitness studio. The sun and water will enhance the experience greatly.

(10) Bigger Muscles Less Injury’s

Useful in rehabilitation injuries: Because of its low impact nature, paddle boarding can be a useful tool for people in rehab to gently increase strength without doing any harm. It is very gentle on your muscles and joints. After spending a day out on a paddleboard, it’s natural to feel a little sore all over your body. But soreness is a good thing because that means you are building up your overall body strength improving your muscles power strength and stamina and over a long time this exercise will allow hypertrophy of the heart and you to become fitter.

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